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Основні моменти PowerWalker

Solar Inverter LGT - Off-Grid Solution

The PowerWalker Solar Inverter LGT series is a multi-functional off-grid inverter, combining features of inverter, solar charger and battery management to offer uninterruptable power supply.

Its advanced touch LCD offers user-configurable and easy-accessible operation with a customizable ambient LED lighting for every status change.

Solar Inverter SVN - On-Grid Solution

The PowerWalker Solar Inverter SVN series is a multi-functional on-grid inverter, combining features of inverter, solar charger and battery management to offer uninterruptable power supply, and on top, feed-in solar energy back to the grid.

This series is VDE compliant, and meets German standards. It has 2x MPPT for two individual solar panel configurations! Get max. PV peak power now!

VFI ICT/ICR loT - Cloud Monitoring

PowerWalker VFI ICT | ICR IoT series is the next generation of UPS, offering an intuitive App for smartphone monitoring via cloud. The UPS is quickly setup and easy to maintain, and it provides the ability to review the workflow and troubleshoot instantly – regardless of time and place.

DC SecureAdapter - Mini UPS

The PowerWalker DC SecureAdapter is an universal solution for small electronics. The UPS is equipped with 1m long cable and its compact size allows fitting it between other plugs in an extension cord. Long-life Lithium-Ion battery provides 3h back-up time for typical router.

Останні новини

Solar Inverters: Let us produce green energy now... for our tomorrow!

The current political and economic situation has caused a short-term spike in prices in overall energy cost but could prompt a long-term shift towards sustainability in the European region. Now more then ever, is solar energy the most cost-efficient and accesible energy that can be produced, and it can be done all over the world!

Start producing your own green energy!

Smartphone Monitoring with the VFI ICT | ICR IoT series

Thanks to the WinPower APP (available for Android & iOS) you can easily monitor your UPS on the fly. Just register an account with your Smartphone and you will have access to any scanned IoT UPS.

Ambient LED Lighting | VI GXB - Gaming UPS

As a Gamer your primary concern will be the protection and continuity of your gaming PC, your router and your monitor. By doing so you will be able to bridge short outages and keep playing, or perform a safe shutdown during a longer interruption. Addtionally, the UPS Ambient LED Lighting can be customizable. This way, your whole Gaming Setup will look incredible and it will be safeguarded!

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