MDC 6K42U – CI3.5 Standard Single Rack W/O UPS/EBM

Model: MDC 6K42U – CI3.5 Standard Single Rack W/O UPS/EBM
SKU: 10138043

The PowerWalker MDC (Micro Data Center) provides reliable power and secured environment to EDGE computing deployments and optimize existing data centers

The PowerWalker MDC (Micro Data Center) inlcudes 3 sub-series:   

MDC Basic Single Rack w/o Cooling

MDC Standard Single Rack with Self-Contained DX Cooling

MDC Standard Single Rack with Split DX Cooling

MDC 6K42U – CI3.5 Standard Single Rack with Self-Contained DX Cooling offers a range of features:
  • Prefabricated Power Distribution 
Pre-installed infrastructure equipment and wiring to save 65% of time over on-site installation; equipped intelligent power meter for tracking the load and PUE*. 
  • Secure Rack
The rack has 20% higher load capacity than other products. It is fire and seismic tested and complies with IP50 standard. The front door has an intelligent electric lock and release function. Emergency design with pop-up front and rear doors in case of fire or high temperature.
  • Power Protection
The online UPS PowerWalker VFI 6k ICR IoT offers top-tier protection for your critical applications. (UPS and EBMs are optional) 
  • Dynamic Monitoring

Built-in sensors to monitor temperature and humidity, as well as smoke and water leakage for risk prevention. The lighting system reflects the status with 3 different colors.  

  • Intelligent Management 
Supports high security SNMP connectivity. Web or mobile app provides flexibility for remote control and monitoring with cybersecurity passed.  
  • Precision Cooling
This MDC is a self-contained type (in cabinet) of cooling system with 3.5kW cooling capacity and 600 m3/h air volume for rapid air circulation using environmental friendly refrigerant. It is compatible with gravity drain and condensate pump. An evaporative kit is included.    


*PUE = Total facilitypower / IT equipmentpower

 PUE or Power Usage Effectiveness is a benchmark reference for datacenter’s energy efficiency