3K-24U basic single Rack W/O UPS/EBM

Model: 3K-24U basic single Rack W/O UPS/EBM
SKU: 10138039

Micro Data Center (MDC) provides reliable power and secured environment to EDGE computing deployments and optimizes existing traditional data centers. 

The common EDGE deployments include business applications in: 

  • Financial Institutions – Branches and business locations.
  • Commercial – Retail / Enterprise Branch/SMB, etc. Self-service / in-store experience.
  • Government / Education – Server/Computer Rooms, etc. On-line learning / government transaction.
  • Medical – Hospital IT departments, etc. Digital health.
  • Telecom – Relay stations/5G.
  • Industrial – Small Factories, etc. Smart utility/inventory management.

VA: 3000
  • 3000
Series Variation: No Cooling
  • 24U
  • No Cooling