LiFe Battery System 102-37

Model: LiFe Battery System 102-37
SKU: 10134067

  • Compact size and lightweight! and still 3,80 kWh nominal power module!
  • The modular design allows easy expansion for the future, up to 15 units!
  • Fast Charging (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate – LiFePO4)
  • 6000-8000 charging actions, are approximately 12-15 years product life
  • Works with all our solar Inverters SAN Three-Phase Series, one ESS for all!
  • Linear Back-up times (Lithium-Ion Technology)
  • Discharging ability, up to 37A, and with higher Voltage, the capacity will get higher.
  • 75A peak discharging capability (3 seconds)

The PowerWalker LiFe Battery System is a modular and scalable lithium-ion battery pack, suitable for all our solar inverters. The energy storage system or ESS, is lightweight and compact, it charges at a high rate, and is designed to last between 2000-8000 charge cycles; perfect for long term projects. The lithium-ion technology guarantees safety and reliability. The back-up time works linearly, so you will get what you have!

The ESS, together with our solar inverters will function as a centralized power solution:

  • store solar power into the batteries,
  • save money by using the stored energy for self-consumption (night-time), and
  • use it as a power back-up when the powergrid fails.

For EV (electric vehicle) charging usage, please notice that the lifetime of the battery will be reduced significantly.