Modbus Duo Box for Sol. Inverter SVN 3-3

Model: Modbus Duo Box for Sol. Inverter SVN 3-3
SKU: 10131019

The PowerWalker Modbus Duo Box can provide communication slot for the inverter without the availability of an intelligent slot. It provides communication between the solar inverter and LiFe Battery System so the user can:
  • re-configure the charging voltage, charging current, battery discharge cut off voltage, and maximum discharge current, according to the lithium battery parameters, and
  • start or stop, charging or discharging, according to the LiFe Battery System battery state.
This accessory is a neccesary item if the user is planning to benefit from the Battery Management System (BMS) and also make use of the Energy Meter. Without the external box, the connection of multiple devices will not be posible, due to the lack of communication slots (they all use the same communication ports). The external box will provide the necessary extra communication slots.

It combines the required BMS Card ports and the Modbus Card (required for the Energy Meter) ports.