Model: VFI 1000 LICR IoT
SKU: 10122255

    • Output power factor 1
    • Industry-leading BMS reliability
    • Built-in cloud connection
    • Up to 4 hot-swappable battery modules
    • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than lead-acid battery
    • Compact 2U UPS + 1U EBM design
    • LFP lithium battery system with advanced BMS
    • Long backup time with up to 4 optional EBM cabinets

    The PowerWalker VFI 1000-3000 LICR IoT series is the next generation of UPS and offers an intuitive app for remote monitoring via the cloud. The UPS features Level 3 LFP (lithium ferrophosphate or lithium iron phosphate – LiFePO 4) battery system with advanced BMS features: 

    Level 1 – Safety

    • Internal balancing and protection for battery cell & pack 
    • The battery is certificated according to safety standards of UN 38.3, UL 1973, UL 1642, IEC 62619, and IEC 62133 

    Level 2 – Functionality & Performance 

    • SOC and SOH management for keeping the battery life longer and the cost lower
    • The compact design of the lithium battery saves space
    • Advanced internal cell / pack / EBM balancing and protection ensures backup time and battery life
    • Long backup time with up to 4 EBMs
    • Auto-detection for easy configuration – auto addressing up to 4 EBMs

    Level 3 – System synchronization with UPS: 

    • Pre-alarm; SOC and SOH prediction
    • Multi-level protection in cell and battery pack level to ensure safety and reliability     

    The cloud-based monitoring increases the availability and quality of monitoring while providing room for cost reduction, scalability and trend analysis. It allows to check workflow and troubleshoot immediately, regardless of time and location. This UPS uses double conversion Online technology, which is characterized by a unified power factor that ensures the availability of your mission-critical equipment while providing clean power to your sensitive loads. A wide range of optional accessories such as external battery packs, communication cards and a WLAN adapter extend the functionality of the UPS.

    VA: 1000
    Output Type: IEC