VFI 6000 AT

Model: VFI 6000 AT
SKU: 10122248

  • Power Factor 0.9
  • External Battery Connector for EBM
  • It includes an Intelligent Slot
  • Configurable Charger, in case of additional EBMs
  • AC-Generator Compatible
  • EPO Function (Emergency Power Off), or
  • ROO Function (Remote On/Off)
  • Built-in Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS)


The PowerWalker VFI AT is an Online UPS series with double conversion technology, designed for commercial applications to safeguard your mission-critical equipment. The wide input voltage and frequency ranges allow operation in unstable networks and provide generator support. Despite its professional application, the VFI AT series is easy to operate and comes inside a compact and economic package.

Multiple optional accessories such as external battery packs and communication cards, enhance the functionality of the UPS and allow for a greater backup time.

VA: 6000
Output Type: Terminal