VFI 10K CPH 3/3

Model: VFI 10K CPH 3/3
SKU: 10122169

  • Scalable to up to 100kW
  • Unity Power Factor 1.0 (kVA = kW)
  • Parallel Operation, up to 10 units!
  • Hot-swappable Modules!
  • Works as a Stand-Alone or as Part of a Modular Solution
  • The battery solution can be easily shared between multiple modules (within a redundant solution)

PowerWalker VFI CPH 3/3 series is an innovative Online solution for a variety of applications. This 10kW UPS can work standalone as a tower or rack solution, or it can be installed as part of a modular N+X system. As a rack unit, the UPS fits into any standard 19″ rack cabinet and occupies a space of 3U (6U with a compatible battery pack). Using the included connection box installation is convenient and easy.

Alternatively, PowerWalker provides a specifically designed 12U rack cabinet with an advanced 10″ Touch-Panel allowing a high-degree of comfort during operation. Inside this cabinet you can either install four CPH units or share the space between UPS and battery modules.

In a modular setup all modules are hot-swappable and work parallel redundant. Additionally, each UPS can be controlled and monitored separately using an independent LCD-Display. This ensures high reliability, flexibility and ease of maintanance. The PowerWalker VFI CPH is an all-encompassing three-phase solution!

This series offers a variety of combinations for any standard 19″ rack cabinet! Therefore, we recommend that you contact us for more details, for a customized solution!

The VFI CPH: 1 Module, 3 Solutions:

  1. Tower/ Rack: Stand-Alone Solution
  2. PW 17U Rack Cabinet Solution (10132005): Share 12U between UPS and CPH Battery Packs | Includes Controller Module (10131014) + 10″ Touch Panel (10139017)
  3. Personalized Solution: Make use of a standard 19″ rack cabinet and operate up to 10 units in parallel with external batteries.

VA: 10000
Series Variation: Module