VFI 80K CPG PF1 3/3 BX

Model: VFI 80K CPG PF1 3/3 BX
SKU: 10122163

  • Unity Power Factor (kVA = kW)
  • Included SNMP Manager (the intelligent slot is by default used for communication card)
  • Parallel operation up to 3 units
  • Dual input and adjustable charging current
  • Adjustable battery number up to 40pcs for high efficiency

The PowerWalker VFI CPG 3/3 PF1 series is a professional commercial solution built in double conversion Online technology with power factor 1.0. Equipped with three-level inverter topology, it results in high efficiency, reaching 95.5% in Line Mode and even 98.5% in ECO Mode. The series ensures low harmonic distortions and precise voltage regulation (1%). All phases have Active Power Factor Correction.

Thanks to its modern design, the VFI CPG series reaches a very high power density (kVA output in relation to the size/volume of the unit). All models of this series offer generator support, dual input and allow parallel operation up to three units.

For this model battery numbers can be adjusted (between 32 and 40pcs), allowing more flexibility and compatibility with existing battery banks. The three stage extendable charging design also enhances battery performance over its life time.

On demand we can modify unit to include isolation transformer or negative power absorber.

The UPS is available in 3 different Variations:

  • BE: Internal Batteries not included/ works with External Batteries
  • BI: Internal Batteries are included/ works with External Batteries
  • BX: Only compatible with External Batteries

VA: 80000
Series Variation: CPG BX