VFI 10000 TGB PF1

Model: VFI 10000 TGB PF1
SKU: 10122125

  • True Double Conversion Technology with High Output Power Factor 1.0
  • Human Interface Device (HID) Compatible USB Connection (no additional drivers needed)
  • Highly Efficient (>95%), Energy saving Solution with a long Autonomy Time for a Great Price
  • 3-level Inverter Topology for increased Efficiency and High Power Density
  • Parallel Operation, up to 3 units
  • It includes an Intelligent Slot

The PowerWalker VFI 6k-10k TGB/TGS is a professional and versatile Online UPS solution for almost all single-phase applications. Thanks to the double converter technology, the UPS offers the best protection for sensitive systems. Additionally, the functionality is enhanced by the variety of communication options, such as HID, software or network cards.

The UPS is available in 3 different Variations:

TG: ONLY with internal batteries for regular backup times

TGB: with internal batteries and connection for external battery packs for extended autonomy times

TGS: without internal batteries, but with a stronger Charger for external battery packs and big capacity batteries (non-series batteries)

VA: 10000
Output Type: Terminal
Series Variation: TGB