VFI 30K CPM 3/3

Model: VFI 30K CPM 3/3
SKU: 10122072

  • Modular and Scalable Solution up to 300kVA or 420kVA in Parallel Cabinets
  • Unity Power Factor 1.0 (kVA = kW)
  • Simple maintenance by Hot-Swappable Modules!
  • 5.7” Display or optional 10” Touch-Panel
  • Parellel Operation, up to 10 Units!

The PowerWalker VFI CPM 3/3 series is a Online modular solution with the capacity to reach 420kW output power. It features hot-swappable power modules available as 20kW and 30kW. Modules are installed in special cabinets, which manage synchronized work and parallel operation, resulting in very low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and parallel redundancy.

Each unit is equipped with dual input, communication ports, including extension slot. The CPM Cabinets can be equipped with UPS modules, battery slots or a combination of both, allowing many different solutions and offering the highest degree of flexibility.

Each 20kW provides 6A charging current, and 30kW module 8A, allowing it to support effortlessly even big battery banks. The CPM series combines high flexibility and scalability with great performance and power, making it the optimal solution for all kinds of scenarios.

The UPS is available in 2 different Modular Variations:

  • VFI 20k CPM: Can work with 10 Units of the same size
  • VFI 30k CPM: Can work with 10 Units of the same size

They require at least 1 CPM Cabinet to operate!

Each UPS consists of at least one CPM Cabinet, power modules and batteries. Different models of CPM Cabinets determine power capacity and functionality, featuring various combinations of slots for power modules and battery modules. Additionally, each CPM Cabinet includes a Switch Module, a STS Module and a LCD Panel (optionally 10″ Touch-Panel). CPM Cabinets are available in the sizes 30U and 42U, a compact economy version available in 15U (the CPM Cabinets can also operate in parallel, doubling your capacity).

This series offers a broad range of solutions for different needs! Therefore, we recommend that you contact us for more details, for a customized offer!

VA: 30000