VI 3000 CW FR

Model: VI 3000 CW FR
SKU: 10121137

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with Pure Sine Wave Output
  • It has a Programmable Segment
  • Advanced LCD: Load in Watt and Backup Time in Minutes
  • Battery Packs Available!
  • Includes Intelligent Slot for SNMP, Modubs, AS400 communication, etc.

The PowerWalker VI CW is an advanced Line-Interactive UPS series with pure sine wave output. Combined with the AVR function for voltage stabilization, this UPS series will provide clean and stable power to the connected equipment. While designed for home and office use, this UPS will also safeguard more sensitive IT and network devices, as well as high-end PC systems.

The programmable segment and comprehensive LCD present a high degree of functionality and flexibility that are rarely found in other line-interactive solutions. Additionally this series offers a variety of communication options, such as USB communication with software or without software (HID), or even communication via an optional network card (SMNP).

VA: 3000
Output Type: Type E