Model: VI 650 SHL IEC UK
SKU: 10121010

  • Human Interface Device (HID) Supported
  • Touch-Panel (allows scrolling through the Parameters)
  • Data Line Surge Protection
  • Several Outlets – Type F, Type E, IEC also with UK Input Cable
  • Silent Operation (Zzz Zzz…)

The PowerWalker VI SH / SHL provide a comprehensive protection and a high-power density in a small and economic package for a Line-Interactive UPS. It is equipped with a voltage stabilizer; this UPS will continue providing clean and stable power to connected equipment and is perfect for any home or small office application.

These series is equipped with a stronger charger that reaches 90% of the battery capacity in 2-4h. With a Human Interface Device (HID) support for USB communication it allows quick and easy setup with any operating system. In addition, this UPS provides RJ-11 surge protection.

Highlight of the PowerWalker VI SHL unit is the integrated LCD. Which lets you follow the usual UPS detailed information without the need of a second device to monitor the UPS.

VA: 650
Output Type: IEC - UK
Series Variation: SHL