BP A240TB-80x9Ah

Model: BP A240TB-80x9Ah
SKU: 10120590

This item has been phased out. You can still find a brief description in the datasheet and manual.

BP uses empty housing number 10134023 Battery Pack for VFI CP 3/3 (80x9Ah, 240VDC). Includes 4 strings of 20 batteries, each 12V/9Ah capacity. Battery pack operates on 240VDC nominal voltage. Dimensions are H:826mm x W:250mm x D:815mm. Weight: 242kg. Cable 91015006 Anen SA175B2-H to Anen SA175B2-H is included.For compatibility with VFI 10000-20000 CP 3/3 the cable needs to be replaced by 91015007 (120A-175A).