Smart PoE UPS

Model: Smart PoE UPS
SKU: 10120450

  • Active PoE Standard 802.3af/802.3at
  • 48 VDC Output with Load Detection
  • Single Cable Input (Data + Power) Suitable for Remote Installations
  • High-Performance Lithium Battery 36.5Wh
  • A Wall-Mount Plate Included

When it comes to dedicated security and surveillance systems, connectivity issues may not only be caused by sporadic events (such as blackouts or network problems), but also intentional and malicious attacks.

The PowerWalker Smart PoE UPS is a compact device, designed specifically to safeguard your PoE camera from loss of connection. It is powered and charged from a single PoE line (data + power), allowing the installation to be better cable managed.

With the PowerWalker Smart PoE UPS, you essentially transform each PoE camera with memory capacity into a security network with its own backup system!

VA: 15
  • 15
Output Type: RJ45
  • RJ45