Model: VFD 800 APFC FR
SKU: 10120413

  • Supports Full Rating APFC Devices
  • Very Economic Backup Solution
  • Easy User-Replaceable Battery Design
  • Wall-Mountable
  • Silent Operation (Zzz Zzz…)

The PowerWalker VFD APFC series is a standby/ Offline UPS for home and office applications, and it is equipped with a technology that supports the full use of the UPS’s power, even when used with an APFC (Active Power Factor Correction) device.

It is recommended, to oversize the UPS to ensure secure backup when using in connection with a load with APFC. Therefore, with the VFD APFC series you are able to choose a smaller cost-effective UPS, with a lower purchase price, and it also saves energy cost due to its lower own-power consumption.

Equipped with 6 outlets (all with surge protection, 4 with battery backup) these models can be used like a power strip. A special battery compartment enables an easy exchange of the rechargeable battery by the user.

VA: 800
Output Type: Type E