VFD 600 (CEE 7/3)

Model: VFD 600 (CEE 7/3)
SKU: 10120401

  • Very Economic Backup Solution
  • Your Plug and Play Solution
  • Highly Compact and Lightweight
  • Silent Operation (Zzz Zzz…)

The PowerWalker VFD CEE 7/3 series is a standby/ Offline UPS which provides secure protection, reliable and cost-effective backup power. The UPS can be automatically started up without AC power supplied. In addition, this UPS provides RJ-11/ RJ-45 surge protection, and a green power function for energy saving. Its pro-active audible warning reminds you of an abnormal condition. This UPS provides clean and stable power protection to connected equipment and it is perfect for home and for small-office applications.

VA: 600
Output Type: Type F
  • Type F