AVR 1200

Model: AVR 1200
SKU: 10120302

  • Stabilizes the AC mains voltage
  • Surge protection on phone line and modem
  • Compact and lightweight

The PowerWalker AVR is a voltage regulator which accepts wide input voltage range (180-264VAC). It provides stable output voltage through boost and buck stabilizer. The built-in thermal sensor provides over-temperature protection and recover, while abnormal situation is eliminated.

The voltage regulator is designed to use with voltage-sensitive equipment such as: a home computer, monitor, inkjet printer, scanner or fax. It is also designed to use with home electronics equipment such as television, stereos, CD players, VCRs, and DVD players, data processing equipment, modems, typewriters, calculators, and telephone equipment.

When using the voltage regulator in combination with an UPS, connect the UPS to the output of this product, then connect the AVR to the wall outlet. (Wall Outlet > AVR > UPS > Load)

(Appliances not suitable for use with this product are items such as freezers, power tools, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, blenders, or any device that employs an AC motor for operation. Not to use with small fuel generators)

VA: 1200
Output Type: Type F
  • Type F