Inverter 2000 FR

Model: Inverter 2000 FR
SKU: 10120212

  • Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
  • 3-steps intelligent charging control to reduce recharging time with strong 10A super charger

This item has been phased out. You can still find a brief description in the datasheet and manual.
The Inverter/Charger system converts DC power to AC power with amazing transfer efficiency. Appliances such TVs, stereos, notebook computers can be connected for the uninterruptible power. When encountering utility power failure, this series will transfer from “LINE mode” to “Inverter mode” for acquiring the power from battery supply. With the continuous output and compact design, this series is perfect for any home or SMB (small medium business) environment.• User selectable for accepting wider input voltage range• 3-steps intelligent charging control to reduce recharging time• Off mode charging

VA: 2000
Output Type: Type E