Model: VFI 1000 RT HID
SKU: 10120120

  • Rack/Tower design with Rotatable LCD Direction
  • High efficiency results in energy saving with Output Power Factor 0.9
  • Selectable line sensitivity allowing Generator Support
  • Human Interface Device (HID) supported
  • It includes a Programmable Segment
  • It includes an Intelligent Slot
  • Ext. Battery Connector for EBM
  • LCD Backlight changes with Status-change (Blue or Red)

The PowerWalker VFI RT/PRT HID double-conversion 2U Online UPS comes with a robust design as well as a high efficiency and reliability. The VFI RT HID is a popular solution for small and large network cabinets, and micro data centers. In addition to the usual functionality (e.g. external battery packs, optional network communication, HID support), the UPS offer a programmable segment. Due to its compact design and adjustable LCD display, the UPS can be installed inside any regular 19” rack cabinet or used as a tower system.

VA: 1000
Output Type: IEC
Series Variation: RT