VFI 15000 CP 3/3 BI

Model: VFI 15000 CP 3/3 BI
SKU: 10120165

  • Three-Phase On-Line with Power Factor 0.9
  • Wide input voltage range for all environments and support for AC generator
  • Easy to connect Battery Packs available
  • Optional Isolation Transformer for full isolation and complete noise rejection

This item has been phased out. You can still find a brief description in the datasheet and manual.

With its true double-conversion online UPS design, PowerWalker VFI CP 3/3 series provides powerful and overall protection to your sensitive devices. With its 3 phase in and 3 phase out it can balance the power consumption from all incoming lines and creates a stable power output for equipment with even high power consumption. Multiple communication ports allows to integrate the UPS in existing structures. Extended back-up time by optional additional battery packs.

VA: 15000
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Warianty serii: CP