VFI 5000 EVS

Model: VFI 5000 EVS
SKU: 10122243

  • It includes an Intelligent Slot for communication cards
  • Output Power Factor 1.0
  • Very powerful charger (up to 60A)
  • Optimized Battery Management (OBM– for longer Battery Life
  • Works with our LiFe Battery System and third-party lithium batteries
  • Parallel Operation, up to 9 units
  • If connected in parallel, they can share the batteries
  • Can work in a three-phase configuration (>3 units required)
  • It supports Generators

The PowerWalker VFI EVS is an Online UPS series with double conversion technology, designed to safeguard your mission-critical equipment. It features a very powerful AC charger, which can charge not only traditional lead-acid batteries, but is also compatible with lithium battery packs. This is especially useful for applications requiring long-backup applications.

This series can work with our LiFe Battery System 48-100 to provide long-backup times in a safe, stable, compact and light manner, perfect for inside-business and home applications. This product is also ideal for small to medium projects, as it can be operated up to 9 units in parallel, as a single-phase or three-phase configuration.

The UPS is available in 3 different Variations:

EVS: ONLY the UPS without battery pack solution

EVL: UPS + Lithium-Ion BP Bundle; including 1x LiFe Battery System 48-100 module (Article No. 10134063) and 1x BMS Card

EVA: UPS + Lead BP Bundle (please contact your sales representative)

VA: 5000
  • 5000
Variazione della serie: Solo UPS
  • Solo UPS