Solar Inverter 6k SAN 3/3

Model: Solar Inverter 6k SAN 3/3
SKU: 10120234

  • Hybrid solar inverter compliant with German standards (VDE-AR-N 4105)
  • Maximal PV peak power 9kW
  • 2 MPP Trackers with 4 strings of solar panels, ideal for the roof that has varing orientations
  • Compatible with high-voltage PowerWalker Battery System 102-37 (HV1) to Increase the self-consumption of solar energy
  • Feeds excess solar power to the grid for additional income
  • Provides backup power from the battery to the preset load in the event of power outage
  • Can also charge the battery from the grid when the PV power is insufficient
  • Expand up to 9 units in parallel
  • Manage your solar system with the smartphone App: Solar Touch
  • Pure Sine Wave Output

The PowerWalker Solar Inverter SAN 3-Phase series is a hybrid solar inverter that combines features of an on-grid solar inverter, battery charger and battery management system to generate renewable enegery while providing uninterruptable power supply. With the App, users can  configure and prioritize the use of solar energy and grid power according to individual needs. This series is tested and certified according to German VDE standards.

Watch the product presentation on YouTube: PowerWalker Solar Inverter SAN

This hybrid inverter will function as a centralized power solution to combine and coordinate:

  • the incoming power of the grid,
  • the energy production of the solar panels,
  • the stored energy in the battery system, and
  • the power fed back to the grid!

With enough sun, start producing your own green energy!

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VA: 6000
Variazione della serie: 3/3
  • 3/3