PDU LC-10A 7x CEE 7/3 (IEC C14 Input)

Model: PDU LC-10A 7x CEE 7/3 (IEC C14 Input)
SKU: 10133011

  • Powered by a 2m C14 cable
  • IEC C14 to 7x CEE 7/3
  • 2m H05VV-F cable with 3x15mm²
  • Aluminium alloy construction
  • 10A/250V output (2500W max total)
  • 8-digits ammeter with Volt and Amp

This power strip is easily mounted in a 19-inch rack and takes up only 1U of space. Mount it on the rear rack to keep the power cord out of the way.

19″ PDU with 7x CEE 7/3 socket, 2500W, ammeter, aluminum, black.

Tipo di uscita: Tipo F
Variazione della serie: LC-10A