VFI 20000 CPR 3/3 BX

Model: VFI 20000 CPR 3/3 BX
SKU: 10122089

  • Professional IT solution with three phase input
  • Parallel operation up to 3 units
  • Extendable battery packs available
  • Generator compatible
  • 3-stage charging design for optimized battery performance

This item has been phased out. You can still find a brief description in the datasheet and manual.

The PowerWalker VFI CPR 3/1 and VFI CPR 3/3 series offers a professional IT rack solution for modern data centers with a high power factor of 0.9. The total capacity can be extended up to three units in parallel of the same size. Furthermore the easy plug and play design allows an increased backup time by connecting more battery packs. In ECO mode the UPS reaches an efficiency of up to 96%. The wide input voltage and frequency ranges allow operation in unstable networks and provide generator support. Multiple accessories, including battery packs and communication cards, enhance the functionality of the UPS and allow a greater backup time. The system can be monitored locally via an LCD panel or remotely via the PowerWalker ViewPower software.

VA: 20000
Variación de la serie: CPR 3/3 BX