VFI 200K CPT 3/3 BX

Model: VFI 200K CPT 3/3 BX
SKU: 10122037

  • Possibility to operate as 1/1, 3/3, 3/1 and 1/3 phase
  • Up to 4 units operating in parallel
  • Available with 5.7inch LCD panel or 7inch LCD display
  • All the boards are available for easy maintenance behind the front door
  • Up to 95% efficiency with forth generation IGBT transistors

This item has been phased out. You can still find a brief description in the datasheet and manual.

PowerWalker VFI CPT 3/3 series can operate in parallel with maximum 4 units. Fourth generation IGBT transistors helped to achieve high efficiency up to 95% minimising heat losses and prolonging life of the device. The UPS has high flexibility in adapting to input and outputs and may serve as single- or three-phase output, both in combination with single- or threephase input! It can work as 1-to-3 phase.The UPS has provided the following standard communication selections: relay interface, RS-232/485 port, SNMP port, Modbus RTU / SEC protocol, 2 connectors for parallel work.The unit is designed to work with external batteries operating on two halfstrings of 31 batteries each. Equipped with strong charger it guarantees reliable and efficient recovery after mains failure.