LiFe Battery System 102-37

Model: LiFe Battery System 102-37
SKU: 10134067

  • Compatible with 3-phase Solar Inverter SAN 6k / 10k
  • Compact size and stackable, 3,80 kWh nominal power battery module
  • The modular design allows for future expansion, up to 15 units (57 kWh)
  • High-voltage LiFePO4 battery – a reliable and safe technology that enables fast charging to reduce the downtime and provide timely backup in an emergency 
  • 10-year warranty with 75% of capacity retention, 6000 charging cycles
  • Linear backup efficiency to increase backup time 
  • Discharging capability up to 37A

The PowerWalker LiFe Battery System 102-37 is a modular and scalable lithium-ion battery module for PowerWalker LiFe Battery System HV1. It is compatible with 3-phase Solar Inverter SAN 6k and 10k. The high-voltage LiFePO4 battery module guarantees safety and reliability. Its ability of fast charging helps reduce the downtime and provide reliable backup when PV power is not available or in power outage. Unlike lead-acid batteries, the linear discharge efficiency of Lithium-Ion battery increases the total backup time. The PowerWalker LiFe Battery System 102-37 (HV1) has 6000 long life cycles and 10-year warranty. 

The ESS, together with our solar inverters will function as a centralized power solution:

  • store solar power into the batteries,
  • save money by using the stored energy for self-consumption (night-time), and
  • use it as a power back-up when the powergrid fails.

For EV (electric vehicle) charging usage, please notice that the lifetime of the battery will be reduced significantly.

The PowerWalker LiFe Battery System HV1 consists of two products, the LiFe Battery system 102-37 (module) and the Control Box (essential accessory).

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