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PowerWalker VFI 60K CPT 3/3 BX

Art-No: 10122032
EAN: 4260074979282

  • Possibility to operate as 1/1, 3/3, 3/1 and 1/3 phase
  • Up to 4 units operating in parallel
  • Available with 5.7inch LCD panel or 7inch LCD display
  • All the boards are available for easy maintenance behind the front door
  • Up to 95% efficiency with forth generation IGBT transistors
PowerWalker VFI CPT 3/3 series can operate in parallel with maximum 4 units. Fourth generation IGBT transistors helped to achieve high efficiency up to 95% minimising heat losses and prolonging life of the device. The UPS has high flexibility in adapting to input and outputs and may serve as single- or three-phase output, both in combination with single- or threephase input! It can work as 1-to-3 phase.
The UPS has provided the following standard communication selections:
relay interface, RS-232/485 port, SNMP port, Modbus RTU / SEC protocol, 2 connectors for parallel work.
The unit is designed to work with external batteries operating on two halfstrings of 31 batteries each. Equipped with strong charger it guarantees reliable and efficient recovery after mains failure.

General features
Power capacity60000VA / 54000W
Output Power Factor0.90
Input Voltage Range320-460 VAC
Dual InputYes
Max THDi≤1.0% at 100% load; ≤2.0% at 50% load; ≤5.0% at 10% load;
Input PF1.0 at full load
>0.99 at 10% load
Frequency Range47.5Hz - 52.5Hz or 57Hz - 63Hz
Frequency (Synchronized Range)50Hz or 60Hz ±2Hz
Nominal Output Voltage3 x 400 VAC (3phase + N +G)
Pure Sine WaveYes
THDv≤0.5% Full Linear Load; ≤1.5% Non-Linear Load
Voltage Regulation (Bat. Mod.)±1% Stationary; ±2% Transitory (load variation 100-0-100%)
Frequency (Battery Mode)±0,025Hz
Parallel WorkUp to 4 of the same size
Technical details
Load Crest Ratio3.2:1
Transfer Time [AC to Battery]0ms
Transfer Time [Inverter to Bypass]0ms
BypassProcessor controlled solid state static bypass. Automatically on for overloads above 150%, retransferred back after alarm clear.
Generator supportYes
Overload CapacityPhase: 10min @ 125%; 60s @ 150%; Total: 10min @ 112.5%; 60s @ 135%; Bypass: 10s @ 400%
External Battery ConnectionYes
ProtectionHigh overload, short-circuit, RMS voltage limit, high crest-factor current, peak voltage limit
Fan LogicAlways on, automatic speed control
Additional InformationCurrent Limitation: High overload PFC Limit (discharging batteries);
Max. Synchronisation speed: ±10Hz/s
Phase displacement: 120deg±1% at balanced load; 120deg±2% at imbalances of 50% of the load
Dynamic Recovery Time: 10ms at98% of the static value
Admissible Power Factor: 0.7 inductive to 0.7 capacitive
LINE mode full Load93.0%
Batteries and autonomy time
BatteriesDesigned to work with external batteries. Batteries are not included
DC Voltage62 x 12V
Connections and communication
Terminal Output1
RS-232 PortYes
Extension SlotYes, 1
Dry ContactsYes
Package Contentbuilt to order
Manual LanguagesEN
Width450 mm
Height1100 mm
Depth770 mm
Weight162 kg
Pcs. per box1
Pcs. per layer1
Pcs. per pal1
PowerWalker is a brand of BlueWalker GmbH
BlueWalker GmbH, Hellersbergstrasse 6, 41460 Neuss, Germany
Office: +49 2131 206 17 59 ⚫ Hotline: +49 2131 206 17 58 ⚫ Fax: +49 2131 206 17 57
© 2020 BlueWalker GmbH. All Rights Reserved.

en : Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

bg : Непрекъсваемо захранване

de : Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung (USV)

dk : Uafbrudt Strømforsyning

el : Αδιάλειπτη παροχή ενέργειας

es : Sistema de alimentación ininterrumpida (SAI)

et : Puhvertoiteallikas

fr : Alimentation sans interruption (onduleur)

hu : Szünetmentes tápegység

id : Suplai daya bebas gangguan

it : Gruppo di continuità

ms : Bekalan tenaga berterusan

nl : Noodstroomvoeding

pl : Zasilacz awaryjny

pt : Fonte de alimentação ininterrupta

ru : Источник бесперебойного питания (ИБП)

sk : Neprerušiteľný zdroj energie

sr : Непрекидно напајање

sv : Avbrottsfri kraftförsörjning

tr : Kesintisiz güç kaynağı

uk : Джерело безперебійного живлення