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PowerWalker Highlights

VFI 1000 LICR IoT – Next Generation UPS

The PowerWalkerVFI 1000-3000 LICR IoT series is the next generation of UPS and offers an intuitive app for remote monitoring via the cloud. The UPS features Level 3 LFP (lithium ferrophosphate or lithium iron phosphate – LiFePO 4) battery system with Industry-leading BMS reliability.




Micro Data Center – Modern IT Protection

The PowerWalker MDC (Micro Data Center) provides reliable power and secured environment to EDGE computing deployments and optimize existing data centers.The MDC is a secure rack with precise cooling, dynamic monitoring and built-in sensors for timely alerts on environmental parameters



VFI ICT/ICR loT - Cloud Monitoring

PowerWalker VFI ICT | ICR IoT series is the next generation of UPS, offering an intuitive App for smartphone monitoring via cloud. The UPS is quickly setup and easy to maintain, and it provides the ability to review the workflow and troubleshoot instantly – regardless of time and place.

VI RLP - Automate your Devices

The PowerWalker VI RLP is a compact 2U Line-Interactive series with rack design. This UPS is the perfect outlet manager and will let you control the outlets individually. Remote switching, reboot each outlet, organize a schedule for the outlets, the possibilities are endless!

Solar Inverter - Off-Grid Solution

PowerWalker provides Off-Grid Solutions to become fully independent.

Combining our Off-Grid inverters with our PowerWalker LiFe Battery System offers you independence from the Grid and an uninterruptable power supply in case of a blackout.


Solar Inverter - Hybrid Solution

PowerWalker also provides Hybrid solutions for solar energy. Our Hybrid inverters are a 2 in 1 inverter (Off-Grid + On-Grid). Maximize self-use, feed it to the Grid (for financial compensation), and/ or store it in the Energy Storage System (ESS). In a blackout, have full power capacity available!

Our Hybrid  inverters are VDE-compliant and meet German standards.

Latest News

PowerWalker will exhibit at the upcoming Data Centre World Paris 2024!

At Data Centre World Paris 2024, PowerWalker will showcase the latest power protection solutions for data centers and critical equipment, as well as solutions for various application scenarios, including financial institutions, industrial facilities, commercial establishments, medical institutions, and more. It is a unique chance for visitors to gain a deeper understanding of PowerWalker’s services and brand ethos. If you are in search of networking opportunities and innovations in the data center industry, don’t miss this valuable event. Visit PowerWalker’s booth to know our reliable and cost-efficient power protection!

Event Details:
Date: 27 & 28 November 2024
Location: Paris Porte de Versailles
Our booth: C025

Online UPS + LiFe Battery System: Hours of backup!

The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery has shown to be a great solution for:

1. Easy to install, 2. Great backup times, 3. Fast charging, 4. Built-In Battery Management System (BMS), 5. 90% Depth of Discharge (DoD), 6. Save 40% space in only 40% weight, and 7. Save maintenance costs.

Now you can take advantage of this incredible solution in combination with our Online-UPS: the PowerWalker VFI 5000 EVS!

The benefits from the VFI 5000 EVS:

1. Very powerful charger (up to 60A), 2. Optimized Battery Management (OBM), 3. Can work in parallel (up to 9 units), and 4. Can work in a three-phase configuration (>3 units required).

Applications: Uninterrupted Power Supply, Data-Loss Protection, Uninterrupted Payments/ Transactions, and Uninterrupted Security.

NoteA BMS Card is required at UPS side.

Solar Inverters: Let us produce green energy now... for our tomorrow!

The current political and economic situation has caused a short-term spike in prices in overall energy cost but could prompt a long-term shift towards sustainability in the European region. Now more then ever, is solar energy the most cost-efficient and accesible energy that can be produced, and it can be done all over the world!

Start producing your own green energy!

Individually programmable outlets | The perfect outlet manager

The VI RLP series is the perfect outlet manager.

Each outlet can be controlled and monitored individually. Reboot or switch them on/off remotely and automatically, organize a schedule for each outlet, or check each one with a “Auto-Ping“-command.

The possibilities are endless! And even better, the Energy Saving function will allow you to reduce the own power consumption during standard operation.

Among the Line-Interactive UPS, the VI RLP series is a unique solution. Furthermore, extend the backup times with additional battery packs and there is an optional cable management tray available!

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