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PowerWalker, Your Reliable Protection!

BlueWalker GmbH is a German company founded in 2004 in Neuss. As an established professional supplier of PowerWalker UPSs, AVRs and Inverters it has wide distribution network in Europe. The product portfolio reaches already 150 models from home use through devices for corporate environment over professional systems for server installations up to robust industrial solutions.

A wide range of accessories, extensions and battery packs enables the use in many different scenarios. PowerWalker provides secure, reliable and cost effective solutions for all UPS applications. Our products go through detailed four step quality control on components production phase, montage phase, post-production and on market entarance. We can proudly provide high quality product with the best "price/performance" factor.

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New Address:

BlueWalker GmbH
Hellersbergstrasse 6,
41460 Neuss, Germany

Office: +49 (0)2131 206 17 59
Hotline: +49 (0)2131 206 17 58
Fax: +49 (0)2131 206 17 57


VFI Online UPS (3-Phase)


VFI Online UPS

VFI Online UPS (Single Phase)


VI Line-Interactive UPS

VI Line-Interactive UPS


VFD Standby / Off-line UPS

VFD Standby / Offline / DC UPS


AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators)



AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators)

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators)



Accessories & Battery Packs


Software Download

Software Download


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